Episode 001: Running Efficiency and Overcoming Fear of the Open Water.

This week’s topics present new ideas and fresh approaches to conquering the run and the swim. Triathlon is all about efficiency – going farther, faster, while using less energy. This week’s run segment discusses, in detail, some practical ways to improve your form and mechanics thatt will help make you a more efficient runner.

Also, open water swimming is VERY different from pool swimming.,and can be much more intimidating and cause swim anxiety. In our swin segment, we discuss some strategies that you can incorporate into your training and racing that will help you overcome your fear of the open water.

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

Tips for a better run –  

Proper posture and position

Increasing your Cadence

Proper Footstrike

Improving your stride


Incorporating the hamstrings

Patience in developing new run habits


Overcoming Fear of the Open Water –

Identifying the fear (what scares you?)


Dealing wwith Cold Water

Breathing patterns

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