Episode 002: Athlete Safety & the Importance of Road ID.

This week’s topic presents simple and common sense approaches to staying safe on the swim, the bike and the run. Triathlon is a great sport, but with it come inherent dangers in all three disciplines. In this episode, I share my personal experience of being hit by a truck while bike training, and how my Road ID played a significant role for first responders.

Also, we discuss practical, common sense tips for staying safe on the swim, bike and run. The tips can be easily incorporated into your everyday training and racing, and help minimize the potential for danger.

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

Staying Safe on the Swim – 

Practice in the pool before taking on open water.

NEVER Swim alone (especially in open water)

Know the currents

Be aware of water temperature

Pay attention to weather conditions

Always have a plan A, and a plan B.

Utilize lifeguards (where available)


Safety Tips for the bike –

Make sure  you can be seen (particularly in the dark)

Use bright steady headlight in the front, bright blinking light in the back.

Communicate with others on the road. (eye contact, hand signals, etc)
Follow the rules of the road!! (stop signs, traffic lights, yielding, etc)

Expect the unexpected!! (because it can happen, trust me!)

Beware of the left cross, and the right hook.

Pick a smart route (roads with shoulders, bike lanes, well lit, etc)


Have a safe run – 

Run FACING traffic 

Obey traffic signage

Follow off-road rules (posted rules on tracks, trails, etc)

Choose low traffic streets to run on

Be polite!!

Be Seen. (lights, reflective gear/apparel)

Keep your head up (look ahead down the road, trail)

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